Training Program

AMC Building Services, LLC (AMC) has a comprehensive training and development program unsurpassed by any contractor in the building services industry. In addition to our strong in-house program, our local and regional distributors provide in-service training support for routine and specialized cleaning applications. The ultimate goal of our orientation and training program is to provide new and existing AMC employees with safety awareness at all times, technical knowledge appropriate to their assigned tasks, a sense of professionalism in day-to-day work activities, and a commitment to customer services.

Our program is designed in a “modular” format, so that the training and development process can be controlled and monitored by our operations and administrative staff.

The first component is our ORIENTATION, whereby new employees are introduced to basic rules and regulations relative to AMC. Included during this session is safety awareness, security requirements, and basic cleaning skills. At this time, the use of certain cleaning equipment and materials is demonstrated, both through videos and hands-on interaction.

As a follow-up, our 30-DAY TRAINING PROGRAM  reinforces the skills introduced at Orientation, so that quality and efficiency become inherently more consistent in the technician’s daily cleaning activity. Our Quality Improvement Process also provides training support through routine inspection and evaluation of the technician’s work area, so improvement is a continuing process.

Finally, our ONGOING DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM  serves to provide motivated employees with the opportunity to expand into specialized cleaning functions, such as resilient tile or carpeted floor maintenance, cross training to cover scheduled or unscheduled absenteeism, and/or supervisory training o support future growth into supervisory/management roles.

Lead and supervisory personnel also participate in the DuPont “STOP” System training program conducted by Loss Control Specialist Jack Anthony.

Our training programs include the use of the following tools:

  • AMC Employee Manual
  • AMC Training Handbook and Reference Materials
  • BSCAI Video-Training Modules
  • DuPont “STOP” System Conducted By Loss Control Specialist Jack Anthony
  • Manufacturer and Distributor Training Support And Reference Materials

As part of our training and development program, every effort is made to maintain full staffing on a daily basis through the use of stand-by personnel already cross-trained to perform any assigned position at the facility. If a permanent personnel change is made for any reason, AMC management will notify the appropriate Company representative immediately.