Mission & Philosophy


AMC Building Services, LLC (AMC) takes pride in being a client-focused service management company. Having been in the janitorial industry for nearly half a century, we offer a wide range of comprehensive custodial services, contract management systems, and in-house consulting services. We have proudly developed a copyrighted cleaning system which has been recognized by current and potential patrons as the most innovative and effective custodial management program in operation today. We aim to continue striving to be better  than we were yesterday, be better  than our competitors and provide the best  possible service, all while addressing and resolving any client concerns as a priority and in an efficient manner.

Corporate Philosophy

Our goal is to be successful. At AMC, we define success as a growing process. It is our duty to ensure continued corporate growth through the acquisition of new contracts and clientele. More importantly, we endeavor to retain our base customers and successfully communicate the mandatory prioritization of their needs to our entire organization. New contracts are acquired by providing a quality and timely service in the execution of existing contracts. Quality service is the result of intelligent management, through extreme attention to detail in inspections, accountability and capable employees.

As a corporation, employee growth is our obligation. Personnel growth is accomplished through continual training, education, and internal promotions. Through these avenues, employees have the opportunity to progress toward perfection, increase efficiency, and provide quality service. Here at AMC we believe personnel growth is the best way to achieve quality service. Quality service will ensure corporate growth, and corporate growth ensures success. Our goal is to be successful.